Mercy Bone Deep!

Mercy Bone Tired!

Luke 13:10-17

        Tonight as I settled down, with candles burning, and looking at the painting of the gang member above I saw myself as the crippled woman in the passage above. I was bent over not from a physical ailment but from choosing to hear God’s voice or the voices around me.

    In the past four months, I was physically bent over from an assault, and both examples run together. They run in the same stream.

    As the scene materialize in my prayer, I glanced up during my attempts to stand erect on my own, and when I did, I caught Jesus looking at me. His loving, kind, compassionate eyes so familiar to me at this point on my faith journey noticed me–and saw me fully. As our eyes locked, he said to me, “River you are  set free from your infirmity.” Hearing those words, something in me shifted.

    As has happened time after time through the years I realized the healing power of Jesus. And I felt the mercy of God in a bone-deep, sort of way.

    I see as clear as day that mercy is living without labels, we are simply human beings on the same journey; mercy is forgiveness, and forgiveness must come within ourselves; and mercy calls us to feed the hungry, house the homeless, visit people in prison, bury the dead, and clothe the naked.

    My continued prayer is that mercy fills my bones more and more every day. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God.!

Fr. River Sims, sfw, D.Min., D.S.T.Servant Bishop of the Society of Franciscan Workers, Inc.P.O. Box 642656San Francisco, CA 94164http://www.temenos.org415-305-2124Snap chat: riodamien2

A Service of Remembering Those Who Have Died in the Year 2021

Noon, Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Golden Gate Park, at Stanyan and Haight

Come, Name, and Remember Your Friends and Loved Ones!

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