The Marginal King!

Christ the King

The Marginal King

Luke 23:35-43

Jesus might have been a more palatable earthly king if he bothered to act like a King. In the same way, I might be a more acceptable priest if I acted like a priest.

In the past two weeks, I have been very ill, with one of “three new viruses” now going around, my doctor says: “Nothing I can do, simply wait and rest it will move out!,” really very comforting and hopeful.

Several street kids from the Haight have brought me food twice a week, soups, etc. One had called to ask for some socks and I told him I was ill, and suddenly they appeared on my doorstep with food.

During the same period, a “friend” of mine, an analyst appeared at my doorway simply wanting to ask me to sign a petition for the Senatorial primary in Georgia. I declined, and all I remember is being told I needed to express my political opinions, so in pointing to the white/pink colored rose on my desk I smarted off: “I vote the color of that rose, as it symbolizes the blood of Christ flowing out to feed, and house the homeless, etc. She arose, and said: “If you do not vote blue I am no longer your friend!” She is one of many who have walked away through the years because I choose the marginal way. And more interesting she never even seem to notice how sick I was.

Last night watching the cars drive by on Polk in the dark of night the thought traversed through my mind of how in the darkness we all are the same. We have fun the same way, we hurt, we suffer, and we die. In the end, we are the same.

Rather than judge others for the color of their skin, what they wear, where they live, and how they dress, we should see each person simply as we are, a created child of God.

When that happens the differences disappear, the person living in the tent disappears, and instead, we find ourselves joining arms with one another in bringing healing, and provision to all. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


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