A Reflection On


Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of



Rupa Marya and Raj Patel

“Don’t pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults-unless of course you want the same treatment. .” Matthew 7:1-5

Marya and Patel open with these words:

Deep medicine is the birthing of resistance to the oppression of those forces that keep us from being our true selves. .and engaging in deep medicine means understanding how every human’s internal state synchronizes with the environment around them and helping them that DIALOGUE THAT SPEAK IN AS MANY LANGUAGES AS POSSIBLE.”

By “speaking in as many languages as possible,” we come together listening and coming towards understanding each other and supporting and caring for our fellow human beings and our environment.

Presently we are not listening to the language of others Rupa predicts, as a native of India, by looking away and not seeing,the disparities of India were not the past of a backward nation, they were the future of places like the United States.”

My “dark night of the soul” came to me in seeing people on every corner sleeping in doorways, without blankets; mental ill and substance abusers walking around naked, witnessing the death of a youth on snap chat, and holding the hands of others dying from being stabbed, shot, and a number dying from the coronavirus. Housing, food, gas, and medical care are only available to those with money. We are becoming a country with a rich-poor divide. It literally tears my heart apart. I am nauseous and wonder what has happened to us as human beings.

Patel tells us: “We can be healthy only when the entire community is also healthy meaning all beings: plants, animals, water, people, soil, and air, the ancestors, and those not yet born. And this is achievable only through social, economic, political, ecological, and cosmological spheres working in an integrated fashion for the benefit of all, not just for a privileged few.. ”   .

During Pride month I remember queer youth are 4 times as likely to commit suicide than their straight peers. All over social media, the news, and where politicians speak we hear the hateful thoughts and words,  churches and other institutions ignore queer youth.

Violence results from the way Blacks and minorities are treated in actions and words.

I was told recently that I was as tough as nails (LOL), I hear more words of hate and threatened violence than pleasant words. I suffer a lot from those words, I cry a lot, and suffer my own sense of failure.

Our words and actions are where we start in saving our environment and we can in little ways.

Today watching seated at a restaurant, people passing by, and their interactions with a homeless man sitting on the street. Out of one hundred and fifty, not one spoke to him, it was as if he did not exist. We can by speaking to our brothers and sisters on the street, give them a sense of being cared for, and will lead us to work in ways to provide for them. We need to be human beings to others.t

We can begin by seeing our responsibility for the violence in our society, through the ways in which we treat minorities in words and our actions.

In summary, the most important action we can do is to simply listen and “become humble once more in the face of life’s greater intelligence. It is to create a community of care that can heal what has been broken, in which we can call take part with fire in our hearts, to cool our veins, our minds, our communities, and our planet, with recognition of our dependent we are on water,wind, earth, fire and the entire web of life. It is to become human again.””


Fr. C. River Sims, D.Min., D.S.T.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164


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