All for the Sake of Love (God Is Not A Working Number)

All For the Sake of Love (God Is Not A Working Number)!

Mark 10:17-30

     I just asked Siri for “God’s phone number, and received such numbers as “God’s Gym,” but no phone number where God can be contacted.

    Institutional churches are dying. Driving through parts of Tennesee and Missouri I found that mainline denominations are drying up, around are “fundamentalist evangelical churches.” Throughout our country, the “none’s” outnumber the religious.

    To bring people into a relationship with God, to give a “a connected number”, we must look at faith from different perspectives:

    +Reconnect with the Centrality of Jesus, through embracing ambiguity. We, first of all, must acknowledge that Jesus was not the only teacher of faith, simply one of many throughout the world, who offered the key message–“to love our all of creation.”  God uses various ways of communicating with people. Jesus is one of a vast rainbow of colors.

    When people react to my writings and preaching of “Jesus,” I remind them that the expression of God whom I relate to is Jesus, and believe that ultimately we all will be brought into One God. I recognize all, yet for me, the Gospel is my Book.

    +The Story and the Teachings of Jesus:

    The story of Jesus is the heartbeat of the Christian faith and the defining story of my life.

    At a time in my life when the institutional Church ripped me to pieces, the story of the grace and love of Jesus held me together, and ultimately defined my very being.

    The stories of Jesus, his teachings of love, and his dying and resurrection literally saved my life.

    +The Teachings of Jesus:

    Christianity is not primarily or even secondarily about doctrinal beliefs. Sustaining the institutional church is irrelevant.

      The heart of the Christian faith is about following Jesus, following the teachings of Jesus, living the spirit of Jesus, and engaging in the practice of the non-judgmental practices and love of Jesus.

    The heart of the Christian faith means living a life of love– living out a life of self-giving, of caring for the untouchable, for the disabled, the poorest of the poor, the poor in spirit, and seeing a rainbow of colors, rather than division and prejudice. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


Fr. River Damien Sims, sfw, D.Min., D.S.T.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164



All Soul’s  Day

November 2, 202`1


Haight Street

Stanyan and Haight

We will gather




of Those Who Have Died

This Past Year!

If you would Like to Attend Please Let Me Know!

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