A Sacred Journey


“Where Jacob Walked With God..”

Newsletter of Temenos Catholic Worker

May 2021



Journal of An Alien Street Priest:

The Sacred Journey

    In the years before San Francisco, I allowed myself to be moved every two to three years from church to church. After my reconversion on the streets of Los Angles, I took for myself a personal vow of “stability”, promising to stay in ministry in San Francisco, until God provided a clear sign otherwise. It has been a “Sacred Journey.”

    Yesterday, we celebrated Gary’s (photo above) 50th birthday. He has lived on the streets since age 14, where we met him at age 24. We have journeyed together through drug overdose, being violated, and the struggles of the street; Gary is always telling me how he has stock in Google, and now in Microsoft, and is going to give me a  million dollars, I laugh, nod, and thank him for the coming gift. Yesterday we went to “Memphis Bell” in the Haight for a southern barbecue dinner.

    I think of Matthew, soon to be 31. I met Matthew seventeen years ago when he asked me to pick him up for a Good Friday service, thus beginning a friendship with him and his parents, making me a part of his family.  This weekend I go to Portland for his graduation party from law school; We think of Greg, 28, in prison serving 25 years to life, for murder, meeting him at 14, prostituting, and at 18 sitting with him being sentenced to life, and continuing our friendship. I  baptized him in prison several years ago.

    We are reminded every day: “The street transforms every ordinary day into a series of quick questions and every incorrect answer risks a beat down, shooting, or pregnancy” Te-Nehisi Coates, and our task is “Doing Little things with great love.”

    And Jesus reminds us in our text that a new community was formed around the theological conviction that there is “one flock, one shepherd,” and in the Paschal Mystery, we see the final stage of creation. Nothing created was left unredeemed by the astonishing gift of his life, freely given and taken up. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


Congratulate: Matthew Yeley Frederick for His Law School Graduation: Email: matthew.y.frederick@gmail.com


Surgery: Personally I will be having hernia surgery on May 13, 2021. Will be off my feet for two-three weeks, available for counseling by phone beginning May 15, 415-305-2124.  Will make hospital emergency calls after May 15 as well.


   We are Beggars! Our Work Continues:

Temenos Catholic Worker

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164





Pay Pal on www. temenos.com

Thank you: Fr. River Damien Sims


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