Sitting With the Spirits/The Miracle

Sitting With Spirits


Bob Doto

    This is the first book of its kind to examine both spirits and spirit work through the lens of biblical hermeneutics, magical and mindfulness practices, shadow work, and self-inquiry. In doing so, Doto has shown that having a relationship with the spirits of those who have passed is not only possible within the Catholic and Christian traditions, but is inherent to the faith as a whole.

    Doto reminds us that the christian tradition is an “inspired” spirituality overflowing with both holy and not so holy spirits; that is much more complicated and subversive than what is typically presented.

    In our time, especially in the mainline churches, the work of the Holy Spirit is simply a thing of the past. We are guided by logical and academic ways of looking at Christ.

    Doto explores what lives in the margins of the Christian tradition, and brings Christ alive, actively working, and being present.


The Miracle

by Nathan Monk

    Patrick Thackery’s family built their empire as faith healers, creating a large church. At his father’s sudden death Patrick was foreced to take over as lead pastor of the faith healing congregation.

    His wife is miraculously healed of cancer, when in reality a mistake had been made. She died. It sent Patrick into depression and into confronting the demons in his own life–drugs, sex, etc.

    In drug treatment he made three new friends–Michael, a wealthy man, dying; Christian-transgender; and Mary–mentally ill, troubled woman.

    Through these relationships Patrick found his real self. Michael left a fortune to Patrick’s church, and the miracle was in the changed lives of these people.

    The main criticism is that money dominates, and in the end is the miracle and the redemption, rather than looking at Christ working in the margins. This book glorifies wealth and the Church.

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