Looking at Life Through the Kaleidoscope

Looking at Life T’hrough the Kaleidoscope

Through the Kaleidoscope

     One Christmas my parents gave me a kaleidoscope and I was awed by the beautiful colors, that emerged out of what seemed like chaos.

    The beauty of a kaleidoscope can not really be encompassed by rational reduction. So many different perspectives are presented.

    In the same way life is beautiful in all of its beautiful perspectives, and our task is to turn the kaleidoscope, and to keep turning it;  continuing to seek a new perspective and search for what is common among all of those perspectives.

    All of creation, and especially God’s human creation is a kaleidoscope and turning that kaleidoscope is to celebrate diverse, multifaceted ways of perceiving the reality of this unique creation. We learn that no religious or political expression is correct, but forms of human expression, and in those expression beauty is found.

    In looking through the kaleidoscope we see all of the beauty, and the darkness of life, mixed together. For each one of us is neither good nor bad, but a mixture. We are not black and white.

    I was once told in this ministry that I would be standing in the middle of a large rail road track with twenty three trains blinding me, coming straight towards me.

    Those trains come, sometimes daily. But as I pull back I see in the pain that so often results–the glory of the forgiving God. And have learned to do my best (which means I shoot for my bow for the target of goodness, and being non-judgmental  every day, and miss most of the time) to see each of us in that kaleidoscope and to forgive, and see the beauty in each person.

     I spoke to a young man in prison for murder last night, and even though he has gone to the deepest darkness of humanity, the light shines through of a lost, mixed up kid, who really fu.cked up. He may die early as a result, but in him is the light of God.

    The last few weeks I have spent time with people with the corno-virus and people who are in the depths of despair on the street, and through the kaleidoscope one sees their beauty, you love them, love them with all of your heart.

In the midst of it all, here are two truths I’m holding onto—we are deeply loved by a God who is actively at work in this world to make all things new. And, God invites us to actively join him in the work of loving and making things new for our neighbors


Father Christian River Damien Sims, sfw, D.Min., D.S.T.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164



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