Living in the Moment

Don’t Worry About Tomorrow

“So don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow can worry about itself. One day’s trouble at a time is quite enough. Matthew 6:24 The Kingdom New Testament

    In the next four weeks there are five events that have happened that were life changing: May 12, Stacy’s death; May 19, my mom’s death; May 21, Zac’s death, and June 4, My dad’s death and six years later my ordination.

    Today is the anniversary of my confirmation. It was an important day: dressed in a new suit, and lunch at a nice restaurant afterwards, and the sense of belonging in the church.

    These six events shaped my life and ministry. I would have never dreamed of being in San Francisco working on the streets; or the joy I would have in my life, for this is really hard work, but so much joy.

    Each one of these deaths and events continue to teach and remind me to live in the moment, for that is all we have. They have taught me the fragility of life,to love each person in the moment I come in contact with because tomorrow they may be gone,  and  in the end  it is only God who offers us the eternal, and that nothing can separate us from him.

    And most importantly these events have taught me to grow in these words of John Chrysostom, fourth century preacher and bishop of Constantinople:

“Tell me then, how is it that your are rich? From whom did you receive it, and from whom dd he transmit it to you? From his father and his grandfather . But can you ascending through many generations, show the acquisition just? It can not be. The root and origin of it must have been injustice. Why? Because God in the beginning did not make one person rich and another poor. He left the earth free to all alike. Why then if it is common, have you so many acres of land, while your neighbor has not a portion of it?”:

    Living in the moment I see my selfishness, and striving for a good reputation and money, as nothing, all we have is God, and we all should think of that in our sharing and giving to others.


Lord, you did not withhold even your life for our benefit. If nothing is too much to offer you, remind us that nothing is too much to sacrifice for our brothers and sisters in need. Amen (Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Radicals).


Fr. River Damien Sims, sfw, D.Min., D.S.T.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164



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