The Tenth Station: Jesus Is Stripped


Tbe Tenth Station: Jesus Is Stripped

    Jesus was stripped. Can you imagine how violated Jesus felt when he was stripped naked. They intended to shame him by crucifying him with no clothes. They simply had to strip him of any dignity he had left.

    As we read of journey of the undocumented immigrants on our borders, and in our cities, we see them stripped of their dignity by being placed in “camps,” and the treatment as if they are POW’s. This is not just something happening now, the United States has  isolated and imprisoned immigrants from day one mostly those who are — people of color.

    We see the  homeless are being treated with “tough love”, being pushed in shelters where food and living conditions are unacceptable, and living on our streets.

         Nelson Mandela once said: “To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”  If we truly want to be free, our lives must be lived with seeking to respect and encourage the freedom of the dispossessed, the poor, the immigrants, and minorities.

    Thomas Merton described one of the best ways to strip ourselves of our ego and our fears, and in so doing, like Jesus identify completely with those who suffer:

“Humility consists in being precisely the person you actually are before God, and since no two people are alike, if you have the humility to be yourself you will not be like anyone else in the universe. It is not humility to insist on being someone that you are not. It is as much as saying that you know better than God who you are and who you ought to be. How do you expect to arrive at the end of your own journey if you take the road to another person’s city? How do you expect to reach your own perfection by leading someone else’s life?”

     May we lead our lives being who we are and acknowledging that we all are on the same journey, and are entitled to the same benefits. Let us cast pebbles of love and in so doing touch the lives of all in creation.  Let us pray:

Jesus as we see you stripped, humiliated, we are reminded that to identify with you, we too must be stripped of our ego, which leads to our self-centeredness, and live our lives as we are with no pretenses. In so doing we become one with you and our brothers and sisters everywhere. Amen.

Father River Damien Sims, sfw, D.Min., D.S.T.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164


19th Annual Tenderloin Stations of the Cross

“Casting Pebbles”

Good Friday, April 10, 2020

12 Noon

Meet in front of City Hall, Polk Street side

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