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The Long Good Bye

June 1, 2019



Luke 24:46-53

    I wonder if the Ascension begins the long good bye.  This past year and a half as I have journeyed through surgery, and weakness, and continue to walk the streets, and like today see more and more people hungry, afraid, alone, weak, with out care, living in the shadows of wealth in the cold darkness of our mighty City, without hope or support I feel like I am living the long good bye. I see the worst of humanity, the worst things that human beings can do to one another. I hold the secrets of so many, and of so much cruelty. And I wonder if the Ascension is bringing  the “Long Goodbye.”

     Social media, blogs, spits out anger, desperation, and a sense of fear over the political unrest here and world wide. We fail to remember that no one in this world is pure and perfect. If we avoid people for their mistakes we will be alone in the world. We forget we should judge less and love each other more,  and so  I wonder if we are experiencing the Long Good bye.

    We call ourselves friends on social media, the internet, and lose the real meaning of the word–simply of listening, with open minds, no judgment and walking with each other in our pain. Listening to another, hearing their voice, their pain. Listening seems to be dying, and I wonder if I am experiencing the Long Goodbye.

    And so on this Feast of the Ascension, we experience the Long Goodbye, and as we enter into the age of the Holy Spirit, we remember the presence of the God who calls us to listen.     Personalty, as I experience the long goodbye, in the mist of what seems to be chaos, the constant snapping at my ministry, I will continue to listen. To look into the eyes of each person, listen, hold their pain, suffer with them, and to care for them. For me politics, race, creed, or anything else fades more and more away as I experience the Long Good bye. All I see are the eyes of Christ filled with pain, and tears, and I listen. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Fr. River Damien Sims,sfw, D.Min., D.S.T.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164