Book Review


on the Ultimate Goal of Living


By Jack Call

Jack Call describes the psychedelic experience with LSD in his book, and presents it as a means of being open to all and is a way of religious experience that gives you a broader understanding of the faith and life. He believes that it helps believers come into touch with the heart of the Gospel: “Thou shalt love the Lord your God, with all of your  heart, your mind and your strength, and your neighbor as yourself.”

A number of years ago I had a sixteen year old friend who begged me to take him to Burning Man, his mom was giving us money, and I had a job as a Chaplain for a “Getting High for Jesus” Group, which paid the tickets. What never occurred to me was they would expect me to take LSD with them. I was nervous, but the my contract over ruled my fears.

My “trip” during our time together and the worship services that I conducted, was shall we say euphoric. What the author tells of feeling loving to everyone and experiencing the love was true. The Gospel of love taught by Jesus seemed real, and in those moments were a reality. It was a great experience, but only the one time. 

The experience fades, at and you return to your everyday feelings etc., and I believe a drug can not give you love of neighbor but only your experience in caring about your neighbor. 

This is a good book.


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