The Treasure Within

Father River Damien Sims, 2019


Acts 3:1-10

    Peter says it: “I have no silver or gold. But what I have I give you, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, stand up and walk.” It is easy to give silver or gold, material things, than give of ourselves. Let’s put Jesus in a bottle and hand out tracts, listen to sermons, read pious books, and pray in our nice gardens. 

    What is unique about being a Christian is that we have Jesus to give. We have the kingdom of God to share.  “Before the music starts to play, we’re enfolded by silence, out of which the music is born. Remembering our eternal life in Christ in the here and now is like recognizing that eternal silence present within each moment as the music of the world plays on.” (David Rice). 

    The gift only makes its home in us like a treasure in a clay jar. I have learned that when I feel depleted by responding to others, I may be trying to give them something other than Jesus.  Peter and John simply gave their faith, their trust, and loved them for who they are, not expecting anything in return. This is their power, this is their faith–give their faith, their love.

    My time is coming to an end, sooner than later, and my legacy is that I have given of my faith in the young guys I walk with. I may never mention the name of Jesus, but they know the love,  the care, the chances I take for them, is given in faith. They know that I hang out with them, party with them, take them to appointments, represent them in court that is all  given in my faith in Jesus. Yesterday I worked on a paper with one, and he said,”I know you love me, no matter what I do,” that is my legacy. I have little to give financially, but I have my faith, my care for them. I can give of myself.  And that eternal life is here and now and not somewhere in the future. I have no regrets. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Philip Workman Memorial Banquet

May 9, 2019


City Hall-Polk Streetside

Philip was executed on May 9, 2007, he gave his last meal of pizza to the homeless; his life was transformed over the years. Today in Texas John William King will be executed for the brutal dragging death of James Byrd, Jr. in 1998. He was a twenty three year old young man at the time, and James Byrd, a young black man. It is not our place to judge life or death, only God. Let us remember the Byrd family, and let us remember William King.  May God be with both today!

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