Walking Tombs

Queer Stations of the Cross

Walking Tombs–Good Friday, 2019

On Wednesday I was sitting in a restaurant on Polk Street. Hundreds of people walked, drove, and peddled down the street. Some were listening to music, others running, there were homeless, the rich, the middle class, young and old, disabled in various ways, and people of all colors and religions.

Paraphrasing Richard Rhor, they were  walking tombs, with the Christ light with in them, waiting to burst forth in resurrection to care for those around them and to give life, to a weary world.

Today on this Good Friday we remember Vicki Yeley, friend, mother, sister, attorney, who was a tomb that burst forth into the resurrection with whomever she met. Her life was one of giving to others. She placed everyone on equal level. One of her recent jobs was to work with children of parents who were divorcing, and one, difficult young lady wrote a lovely message to her husband describing Vicki’s love for her. Each Christmas she would cut her client’s bills in half. Vicki was a sign of the resurrection.

Today as we walk through the Tenderloin and back into our own places in society, let us remember that we walk as tombs, with the Christ light waiting to burst forth in resurrection. Today as we observe the pain and the suffering on our streets, may we open our hearts to become the resurrection to those we meet. We are walking tombs–but within us is the Christ Light-waiting for us to open the door to let him burst forth in the brightness of new life  around us. Christ beckons us to open the door.

Tenderloin Stations of the Cosmic Christ

In Honor and Memory of Vicki Yeley


Noon-2 p.m.

City Hall–Polk Street side

For more info.

Fr. River Damien Sims

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164



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