Limited But Full of Grace

Limited But Full of Grace

John 1:19-28


John the Baptist’s mission was to emphasize the importance of Jesus over himself. This became a major characteristic of Jesus’ teaching: humility. This means facing two realities about ourselves: that there is a very small part of us that is limited and sinful but that this must not prevent us from seeing the far greater part of ourselves that is gifted by nature and even more so with grace.


In my experience, middle-class Americans do not feel at ease around poor people. Even people of high ideals who care about the needy experience discomfort in the presence of the needy themselves.

Rabbi Eliezer Finkelman


We have difficulty seeing homeless people because we face our own fears, of where we could be, and we wonder if we deserve what we have. I have seen that with volunteers, and with interns, they just can not enter into the lives of our youth.


It took me years to realize that and have seen volunteers hurt, interns run away terrified. And my way of work is to enter into the lives of my kids.. I have spent a life time doing this, and to me it is just natural. That is why I have not taken an intern in a while, and why I keep volunteers doing stuff that is easy and fun. I have had a lot of guilt over expecting to much out of people.


It is scary, and threatening to hear people’s pain, to see their anger, and see them act out, to see their suffering. 


Today Aaron and his mom  Carla were here cleaning and reorganizing my place as a Christmas gift. And I spend a lot of time with Aaron and he really has never figured out what I do. He just knows I am free to hang out a lot, and than I go away and say I am working, and he wonders “what work?” But these two have been my greatest support and closet friends.


We all have our place, and what Jesus asks of all of us is to share of what we have, to live simply, to love each other.  We each have our place, my place is on the streets, others have their places they are called to. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


Fr. River Damien Sims,D.Min.,D.S.T.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164



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