Christmas Gift!

Father River

River Protesting.jpg
Dear Friends,
This Christmas Temenos Catholic Worker is starting a new tradition. We will send a gift to our friends who bless us with a gift at Christmas time.
This year I want to share with you a book I have just reviewed entitled, Christianity Without Insanity. For Optimal Mental/Emotional/Physical Health by Boyd C. Purcell, PH.D. In our time the Church is viewed with suspicion, and negativity.  It often brings a message of judgment.  Dr. Purcell, who is evangelical, presents an approach called Christian Universalism, in which we find the God of the Prodigal Son who always receives us back, and in which ultimately all will be brought into the reign of God. While viewed through his Christian eyes, he brings all of the major religions into the spectrum and sees all religions which teach compassion and love as a way to God. God rejects no one, and ultimately his love will draw all people back into his/her presence.
If you would be so kind to make a donation to Temenos Catholic Worker this December, I would like to give you a very nice copy of this book. Perhaps it will speak to you in amazing ways. It has spoken to my heart, it has reaffirmed the values that I preach, teach, and attempt to live in my life.
We find God at work in our ministry in the lives of  the young men and women whose lives we touch each day. The streets are tough, but in each young man and woman we meet and love, we see the Spirit of God at work in their lives, giving them hope.  As one young man told me, “God is all that we have, He never walks away from us.”
You may give through pay pal or snail mail, and we will send you a gift of this book.   We suggest a minimum gift of $25.00, hopefully you will feel lead to give more to provide food, pastoral care, and socks to our young adults.
May this Planet’s Greatest Visitor Bless you Greatly, and May you have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!
In Jesus, Street Person and Rebel,
P.S.: If you give through pay pal please send us an email giving us your address, so that we will be sure that we have it.
Fr. River Sims, D.Min., D.S.T.
Temenos Catholic Worker
P.O. Box 642656
San Francisco, California 94164-2656

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