Big Sisters and Brothers in the Reign of God

Big Brothers and Sisters in the  Kingdom

Christ the King

Brothers Like Cale Who
Make this Work a Part of the Reign of God

“Jesus answered, “My kingdom does not belong to this world.  If my kingdom did belong to this world, my attendants would be fighting to keep me from being handed over to the Jews. But as it is, my kingdom is not here!” John 18:36

I was invited out to breakfast last week by a member of St. Luke’s Episcopal
Church, someone I just knew in passing. This individual commented to me, “I was always puzzled about you, because you never seemed like a priest, more like a big kid. ” A couple of weeks ago I overheard a conversation between you and a young guy who  was helping  at church during the coffee hour, and you two were arguing, because he did not want to leave.  Then I heard you tell him he had to go because he was missing a  college prep meeting for students with low economic backgrounds at his school that day–his future was more important than helping you.  I realized in hearing and seeing the argument you are more like a big brother. Your gift is to relate on their level.”  This person gave me a check for a thousand dollars and said, “I can’t do it, but you can be their big brother for me, buy their meals, don’t wear yourself out cooking.”

And so on Thanksgiving Day thanks to this person’s generosity I was the Big Brother, and the pastor, and not the cook. I did not wear myself out cooking, but was able just to hang.  We fed around 400 people, handed out hundreds of beautiful sandwiches purchased with this money, and took those who wanted to a restaurant. 

On the surface they appeared tough, macho, street youth, many dirty, many depressed, others angry over their plight, but in their eyes as we ate we could see the face of Jesus, whose eyes were piercing with love. There was Shaggy who is 48, has lived on the street since he was 20, an alcoholic, their was fifteen year old Flea, a run away, 20 year old Elise, and the list goes on and on.

Christ the King is found in his reign of love, as we meet each other as brothers and sisters, as he meets us. My friend from St. Luke’s met me as his brother, and met the guys on the streets through his support of us, as a brother/sister.

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Fr. River Damien Sims, D.Min., D.S.T.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164


Giving Tuesday: you can donate through www. temenos org, through pay pal or mail checks to the above address.

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