Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2018

Dear Friends,

On this date in 1963 John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and this year we have seen more shootings than ever before across our nation. We are reminded by Native Americans that the first Thanksgiving Day was a day of genocide and not the cute day we talk about in school and in our publicity.  In the darkness there is light, there is grace.

Today  I will take sandwiches and give to young men and women on the Haight, and the older men and women on Polk, who are homeless,  and spend time  visiting with them.  Many will not have access to food on this day of Thanksgiving. 

Jesus said, “The reign of God is within you,” and on this day our thanksgiving comes from within us. Our hearts bring us the joy of Thanksgiving. This year I am deeply grateful for my health, and the ability to make sandwiches and share them; deeply grateful for those who have supported our ministry, and for my friends whom  I will spend time with on the weekend. I am deeply grateful for my kids in the Haight and on Polk who are always confident and hopeful, and remind me that simply living is enough to be grateful for.

And most of all I am grateful for the redeeming grace of God in Christ  that gives me a new chance every day to begin a new, and the opportunity to serve. Jesus is my Thanksgiving.  I will see Jesus today in the faces of my kids, and there will be much joy.  And this day reminds me that each day is Thanksgiving Day, not just today. And we show thanksgiving by giving to our neighbors–of ourselves and our material possessions.

So on this day I invite you to find Thanksgiving within yourselves, to find the joy in the moment, with your friends, and relatives, and to move forward in seeing each day as a day of thanksgiving in service to everyone.  God is with us!

Now “May the grace of  Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, bless  preserve, and keep you now and forever more.”

A blessed Thanksgiving to you!



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