A Rainbow of Colors

A Rainbow of Colors

Matthew 6:19-23

Pride begins tomorrow.  There will be partying, speeches, drinking, and people going wild. Pride is  a time of the celebration of equality, and it celebrates not just LGBTQ equality but the equality of all people.

We will have four  high school students, one new graduate from high school, and one college student helping us in our booth.  They are all straight, and yet sexual orientation, color, economic status, means nothing to them, they see all as equal. Three have parents from Central American countries. Their high school is a public school in Terra Linda that is very diverse.  Last year we had three one from Texas, one from Marin, another who had transitioned to a man. We have a prism of the rainbow.

Youth in the Haight very seldom mention any thing about sexual orientation. We have had reporters wanting to do stories on “gay” youth, and we take them to the Haight and very seldom does anyone identify as LGBTQ. In an environment where there is openness, and diversity, youth see sexual orientation as just a way of life. Adults from age 30 on up seem to focus on labeling.

Across the country in  homophobic and less diverse environments, prejudice rages.  Pride stands as a symbol of hope to the places of prejudice. 

We focus on our political leaders making the changes, but the changes that we seek for greater equality, come from the grass roots, comes from us.  Social service agencies are overwhelmed–we need to get in and help them; we need to protest and let our voice be heard; rather than complaining on social media, tearing every politician a part we need to face the pain in our society and do something about it.

Our Scripture today calls us from moving away our capitalism, our greed, to sharing our wealth so that all will be provided for.

The Rainbow Flag represents the colors of the rain bow where all of us are a prism of colors and beauty shines through.  We are a prism of equality.

Fr.  River Damien Sims, D.Min.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164



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