That Sort of Savior

That Sort of Savior

I Peter 1:-18-25. .”love one another deeply from the heart”. Mark 10:32-45

The disciples really did not know who Jesus was–they questioned him, and ultimately they died following him as they evolved into knowing him as the one who loved them deeply.

Our experience of Jesus is one who walks with the poorest–physically, spiritually, who never judges, and who offers the heart of love. We try to live that out. Maybe we are wrong, but it is that experience that guides our life.

We live in a time where everything is in question. We are accused all the time of “lying”, very black and white. The reality is if you judge somethings from a black and white point of view, we do lie.

Last night a couple came to our door, angry. The father accused us of lying, “You said you did not know our son, and we found out you see him all the time?’  The response was, “We said we did not know where he was.” The gentleman started yelling when we refused to tell him anything we knew, and threw a cup of hot coffee in our face.

We make up stories when people want us to share about the youth we work with–we never tell people their stories. We keep their secrets. It is much easier to make up a story than to tell them we can not talk about it, because they feel hurt. A friend of ours mother said recently, “I knew you would never tell me the truth if I asked you, through the years, because of your loyalty, and now I appreciate that, at the time I hated you, it was your loyalty and truthfulness with him that changed him, he knew he could trust you.”
There was an article on Face Book about President Obama being a liar–he did lie-he could not always tell people the truth because of national security etc, but he was truthful about safety and other things. Frankly we do not want to face the pain, and the horror at things done in our name to protect us.

We have learned no one wants to hear of half what we see on the streets–the violence, the mental illness, the ineffectiveness of government services, the pain we experience at the hands of people. We either do not talk about it, or if asked, we lie.

So yes we lie, but when we are talking to each other, and about us, we never lie. I have two best friends to whom are absolutely truthful to about ourselves, and have learned that they can take the worst. They earned the trust. It is funny sometimes when they think I am lying, I am telling the truth. But what we share is about ourselves, not about others.

We want to be black and white–frankly somethings are none of our business, and other things can harm our neighbors. 

The truth is we all lie, about little things, for whatever reason, to protect others, to feel good about ourselves, we are simply human beings on the journey of life.

Ultimately for Jesus what matters is: .”love one another deeply from the heart”, as Peter tells us. For in loving deeply we never have to lie, because in that love we know what to ask, and how to respect each other.

Fr. River Damien Sims, D.Min.

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