In Memory of Daniel Condor

Daniel Conder


John 3:14-21

Dan was found dead in Colorado last week. We have known Dan since he was 28 years old. We met on Polk. Dan was hooked on speed, and other drugs, and as we came to know him we found him to be a caring and loving individual.

He was born into a well to do family, whose expectations he found difficult to meet, due to a learning disability, and due to the reality he had other expectations for himself. He became hooked on speed, and found himself on the street, after serving a brief time in the military.

Dan and I had a conversation the last time I saw him in the Haight 2 years ago. He talked about feeling like a failure, only feeling happy on drugs, and the expectations that people have on him, he felt extremely judged. I offered a prayer, bought him a meal, and hugged him.

God loved the world. This is my faith. Central to my faith is the figure of Jesus, lifted on the cross, knowing what it was to be devastated and a”failure” yet offering himself in love for us.

That is the call of Jesus–to be failures, yet offering ourselves in love for others.  To be a success means to “save” people in our images–and that ends up hurting people and ourselves.

A Memorial Service will be planned for next month.
Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Fr. River Damien Sims, D.Min.



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