What God Want Do

What God Want Do!

Luke 15:1-32

The Parable of the Prodigal Son is about what God want do–reject people.

William Stringfellow tells us that “Being holy does not mean being perfect but being whole; it does not mean being exceptionally religious  or being religious at all; it means being liberated from religiosity and religious pietism of any sort.. it does not mean being godly, but rather being human.”

Being a human being is recognizing we are all in the same boat. I was recently told that our state and federal government should take care of the homeless, and my response is being human tells us to give of our money, time, and personal energy to provide for all. It is on us, all of us. 

A friend recently told me I was a “yes man”, and as I reflected on his comment:  what he does not realize is that I have been, am, and will be judged harshly for the way I live my life. I am different. The gift for me is that I do not judge, or tell people how to live their lives and that is the picture I have of Jesus of Nazareth as shown in the parable–he provides no judgment and walks with others on the same path. I jokingly told a friend today that “I will be your role model,” and he replied, “You can never be a role model for me lol.” And he is right, I will never be his role model, we are friends who walk together.

To judge means to separate, make ourselves better, and we each know ourselves better than  anyone else. We listen, walk with people, and help them when they fall, but to judge means to separate.

Notice what the father doesn’t do: When his son asks for his inheritance, the father doesn’t kick him out for being so ungrateful, he does not hire a private investigator to find him when he takes his inheritance to take compromising photos. When the son finally comes back, the father does not make him crawl on his knees, nor change his mind, but throws a big welcome home party. He always loves.

Fr. River Damien Sims, D.Min.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164




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