Station 2 Jesus Carries His Cross

Station 2:Jesus Carries the Cross

1924-“America’s First Homo-

Sexual Rights Group Forms

Today we have multiple Queer Rights Groups. They advocate and fight for

Queer Rights. There are few in our churches. There are few Queer Youth Groups.

In the same way the Church stands back from homelessness. Our streets are full of homeless people, and how many churches open their doors for housing? For feeding? How many churches offer support in finding housing, medical care and support?

Dan Berigan said:”The churches fearfulness is our confession of unconvertedness.” When we are in relationship with Jesus of Nazareth, our hearts are turned towards the caring and welfare of others. We meet them with out judgment, we give of what we have so that all might have.

We judge by age, sexual orientation, race, creed, and economic status, and conversion brings us to see all as equal, as one, and in so doing we care for others, we fight for others, and we give our lives away to others. Jesus is still carrying the cross!

Fr. River Damien Sims, D.Min.



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