Queer Stations of the Cross

Queer Stations of the Cross–Struggle for Equality


(This is this years Stations of the Cross, will be writing it as my journal, if you would like to give feed back than email me at punkpriest1@gmail.com, and I will consider it.


A close friend text me that “Our friendship is an unstoppable

Tseume,” and it is. I have no idea what to expect, where it is going. I am tossed, and turned, never knowing where it is leading us.  But there has been much joy in this friendship, a joy that I can not describe.  It is scary, it is frightening, but only in living in the Tseume can one truly enjoy the joys and the sorrows, and that is what life is about.

In the same way my journey in ministry is an “unstoppable
Tseume.”  There are the good time, the bad, the high, the low, the horrible times.  There have been times when I have faced death, and most times severe criticism and judgment, but ultimately this is the journy of the cross. We are called to be crucified.

LGBTQT people, and all who are “queer” have faced persecution through the centuries. In certain parts of our country to be out as an LGBTQT person is a death sentence; to be Queer in other ways–political,  choosing away of life that is not with the present culture, and hanging out with the poorest of the poor, and the homeless can lead to rejection, persecution, and death.

Today we walk the “Queer Stations of the Cross:Struggle for Equality”    through the Castro, remembering that Great Cloud of Witnesses, who have gone before us in the struggle, and committing ourselves to the struggle for equality for all.

This struggle is a commitment ot a way of life, a way of commitment to the cross, to crucifixion.

Let us begin our journey in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Father River Damien Sims, D.Min.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164



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