One Moment At A Time

One Moment At A Time!

Today I visited a seventy eight year old woman in a nursing home, the first visitor she has had, since I have been there last a month ago. She has trouble understanding why Medicare pays for such poor places, no television, rehab three times a week. I paid for television for her.

I then went to visit eighteen year old Jared, who was hit by a car–his way of trying to commit suicide,  in a rehabilitation center, same atmosphere. He asked me where God was, and I said, well one aspect is me being here and he laughed, “No River, you represent Satan I am a Satanist,” and we both laughed. He is out in the open with no privacy. And so I promised him a cell phone, and paid for a T.V. and told him I would bring my X box over early Christmas morning with his gift and play games and bring him a nice breakfast..

In the last weeks people have commented maybe it is time for you to do something else if you are  burning out. It angered me because I have been ill, not burned out. I never get burned out, in fact I am energized by the street.

I do not burn out because I do not take what I see personally, and know that I do my part in caring for people–that is enough. I sometimes share about someone with a friend and catch myself because to them it is sad, and probably makes them uncomfortable. I feel guilty afterward because I frankly do not like troubling people I care about. This is where I live 90 per cent of my life lies  and I forget and slip over sometimes. I feel guilty.

Through the years I have learned people do not like to see life on the street, it scares them. To find a good therapist for someone who is on the street is impossible.

What I feel sad about is the lack of interest from the public in general, the government.  Two friends of mine were talking recently and one commented that their’s might be the last generation to enjoy a good life; and today in the paper and article said that the upper middle class saw life as rosy, and as seeking out their own goals, and the poorest were altruistic in caring for others. Reflect upon that.

So for me I do my part, and invite people to look at the One whose coming we celebrate and asked ourselves what does he call us to do? For prayer is about being his hands and feet on the street without judgment. The whole ministry of Jesus was not about saving souls but about bringing wholeness to the poor and the oppressed and hope for everyone. Burned out? Angry?  Not any more, I simply do what I am called to do, being present in the moment to those in pain, to those who need to listen, and hope that all of us will.  Let us put the Planet and people first! Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Fr. River Sims, D.Min.

P.O. Box 642656


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