“Where Jacob Wrestled With God”
Temenos Catholic Worker
November, 2017
Fr. River Damien Sims, Director

Journal of An Alien Street Priest
In the last month I have asked a question of a number of street youth, “What are you thankful for?” The answer almost to a one was “my friends, they are always there to support me.”
Each of these guys basically have the clothes they are wearing, their sleeping bags; they are pushed around by people on the street, the police, and are treated as if they are no bodies. Yet they are thankful for their friends.
In this age of social media much of our contact is on line. We do not hear a voice, we do not hear someone tell us that they care, we are detached from the human contact. People hurt, they cry,they feel very much alone.
This holiday season let us reconnect with people.Let us pick up our phones and call and chat; let us move out on the streets and look a homeless person in the eye, feed them, care for them, and connect as one human being to another.
Steve Wentworth wrote:
“Some of the most generous people,
have no money. Some of the wisest people have no education.Some of the kindest people were hurt the most.”
During this season let us reflect on that quote, and open our hearts to one another.
Spiritus! Creator Spirit!
Thanksgiving Meals
November 21: Homeless Shelter, St. Boniface Church, Golden Gate Avenue–6:00 p.m.
Meal on Polk and Haight Street will be served at Noon.  Want to help call 415-305-2124.
Thank You

Recently I sent an email out to many of you asking you to donate to the foot ball team of Matthew Lasky. We have been very successful thanks to you, and for that I thank you and Matthew thanks you. Several have asked me “Why this particular young man, you have never done that before?  It is pretty simple Matt has been a volunteer for over two years, and many of the guys love him dearly; He has been my very good friend in the ups and downs of life.  So this was my way of showing appreciation. Thank you for giving, and for your trust in both of us.
We Are Beggars!
We are beggars! We take no grants, but rely on your generosity and your care! We have never gone with out, always have what we need! And so we beg at this time of year you give from the bottom of your heart to those who have so little, who come to us for socks and food, and pastoral care.  You may give by mailing a check to:
Temenos Catholic Worker
P.O. Box 642656
San Francisco, CA 94164
or through pay pal which you can find on the website at
Thank you!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Fr. River Damien

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