Positive Outcomes


Feast of St. Luke

Luke 4:1-9

There is great irony in the New Testament use of the term “gospel”; the fearful might of worldly empire gives way to the victory of healing, and love of divine mercy. There is a price we pay for this message, for when we  experience the words of the gospel as hard as a diamond our lives are changed into the freshness of a child, and a child lives dangerously.

At times when I experience depression, I am simply going through a dark night of the soul in the midst of a world that offers little hope, and in that dark night of the soul, the positive outcome a therapist friend talks about becomes being pierced by the hardness of the diamond and seeing the face of Christ.

Herman Hesse wrote:

If my life were not a dangerous, painful experiment, if I did not constantly skirt the abyss and feel the void under my feet, my life would have no meaning and I would not have been able to write anything.
We have no choice about physical death–we all die–but dying in life, we do have a choice. And in so doing we find the resurrection.
Living dangerously for me is meeting people where they are, entering into the pain of their lives, and becoming one with them in that pain. In walking on that abyss one finds the Risen Christ!
Creator Spiritus! Creator Spirit!
River Sims
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