Cooking With the Fallen One’s

Cooking With the Fallen One’s

“You and our holy sentinels

are most sacred indeed-

and given due loyalty

from all who place in you their trust.


You. Psalm. 84:2-6, 9-13″

The only security is God. Through out my life, only God has been faithful.  Friends come and go, but God remains. Henri Nouwen sums up my learning in the past years about vocation:

“Each of us has a mission in life.

‘What does God want from me?’

is a question we all ask,

not once and for but throughout our lives.

New vocations are full of promise.

Something very important is in store for us.

There is a hidden treasure to discover.

But I learned that my deeper vocation

is to announce God’s love for all people.

My final destination is not a place;

it is God’s eternal embrace.”

My vocation is working with  street youth, and adults.  To walk with them through the hell, as described in the words of this poem by a young man:

Hell Bound Trains

Went downtown to Polk and Sutter.

Looking for relief

from pain.

All I did was find a ticket on a hell bound train on the street not far away.

Several friends were taken away.

Rest their souls from the pain.

We all lived our private hell.

Just more tickets on the hell bound train.”

One constant on the street is pain: physical, soul–feeling lost, tormented, and guilty; and the rejection and judgment by society–raciest, class, and social prejudice.  The pain is seen in the face of Sean on the corner as he begs for money, and tries to sell drugs, as people walk by and never notices or as a well dressed man comes up to him and offers him a place to stay–with other intentions other than a place to sleep. Everyone expects something in return.

My ministry is that of meeting them where they are, and like Matthew in the photo above with Vin, just caring for them where they are without judgment. Vin has come to love Matt in the past months, simply because, Matt cares and spends time with him.  Life is lonely on the street, Matthew has made a difference in Vin’s life. Just spending time without judgment.

In a world that is breaking a part with violence this is the way I have found to answer the call of Jesus to “Love the Lord my God with all of my soul, and strength and my neighbor as myself.” 

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

+Fr. River Damien Sims, sfw, D.Min.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164


(In the next few weeks I am going to write “the book” people have suggested, writing of my kids. I will never write a book because to much trouble, no one will buy it, and I enjoy writing this way. So this is the book.)


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