Peniel Newsletter of Temenos Catholic Worker–September

September, 2017


“Where Jacob Wrestled With God and Survived”

Temenos Catholic Worker

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Fr. River Sims, sfw, DMin.




“In the new light of each day’s questions,

I am never prepared.

Today, again, I have nothing

to offer but a handful

of old warn prayers, worn down

by the relentless abrasion

of doubt, and a fragment

of dream that plays on in my head

only half remembered. Still,

the doves coo and circle

through the pines

as they do when I pass

each morning. Their sorrow

is so nearly human, it rings

sweet with regret. By dusk,

the trees will bow down, and I, too, will

make my appeal, will find again your mercy,

your solace. ” (Elizabeth Drescher)

In the midst of the political and social turmoil there are so many questions where there are no answers. We seek to label, and to judge, and in so doing separate each other.

Jesus tells us repeatedly through the Gospels that age, socioeconomic, political, race, religion, sexual orientation, and all of the labels we wear makes no difference to him.

Wendell Berry summed up all that matters

“Care . . .rests upon genuine religion.  Care allows creatures to escape our explanations into their actual presence and their essential mystery.  In taking care of our fellow creatures, we acknowledge that they are not ours; we acknowledge that they belong to an order and harmony of which we ourselves are parts.  To answer to the perpetual crisis of our presence in this abounding and dangerous world, we have only the perpetual obligation of care.”

Care, in the midst of unanswered questions, is the one action we  can do, and that is more than enough. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


Planet First: Care Rests Upon Genuine Religion

Celebrate the One Seamless Thread of Life

One God: In many Faces

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Earl Warren Supreme Court Building

350 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA

Symbolic Action is that of being the Power of One: Bring one bag lunch, as a part of our celebration we will move on to the streets, and find one homeless person and engage with them and share the food with them. 

During the months of August and September, Pope Francis asks artists to “help everyone discover the beauty of creation.”

Submit your photo or video of nature that inspires joy. The view from your front door, a flower in the sidewalk, an awe-inspiring view from your travels . . . the more creative, the better!

Your post will be shared with our global audience. From August 1, the beginning of Pope Francis’s prayer intention for artists, through October 4, the end of the Season of Creation, we’ll be sharing and celebrating on this website and social media, and through email.

Your photo or video could inspire people around the world.

Send to and we will put them on our media.

Upload your photos on your social media sites.

If anyone would like to volunteer to be on a committee for planning please email Fr. River at



We generally serve two hot meals a week  one on Polk and one on Haight. We served for many years at two needle exchange sites, but each of our schedules, and changes in the demographics of the population have  necessitated we no longer could do that.

So our meal schedule is usually in the early afternoon.  If you would like help, hang out with us, simply contact us, and we can let you know our schedule for the week.



As we enter the Fall of the year our needs have been met barely.  We have given away 50 plus thousand pairs of socks, our costs for food, tickets home, etc, have risen 50 percent.  I am always saying “no” more than I say “yes”.

The heart of what we do is our pastoral ministry.  It is sitting and listening as one young man talks of how he feels so low, because he is homeless, and every thing he tries fails; One talks of how the city continually kicks him out of his sleeping place, throwing away his belongs, and his feelings of fear and mistrust; another talks of his sexual abuse; one young girl talks of her fears and her sexual abuse, and so on.

We walk with hundreds each month. With some we celebrate the Sacraments, but mostly we listen, and the bread of life is broken in the words spoken.

So we beg on our knees for your gifts, that they may be turned into the Word made flesh in the lives of our homeless young people.

Checks to:

Temenos Catholic Worker

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164


pay pal:


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