And We Decide


Feast of St. Ignatius

Matthew 13:31-35

“He told another parable to them: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that someone took and planted in his field.”

The Kingdom of God is in us, each of us has that spark, God’s presence. It is a hidden treasure. It is there ready to grow through being nurtured, and cared for. We need to look within ourselves, and nurture that seed.

Sr. Zdenka Cecila Schelingova of Bratislava-1916-1955- was a nun who worked in Bratislava during the Second World War, in the Communist regime. She was caught and imprisoned for smuggling priests out of the country.  When she was released  several months before her death in 1955, her order would not take her back because  she was labeled as a “conspirator”. She died alone and in extreme poverty.

Dorothy Day was reviled, hated, and despise, during most of her ministry. Only in later life was she given praise. And now there is a move to make her a saint.

Dorothy saw sainthood for what it was–a means of domesticating the Wild Spirit–that ran through her, and through the Sister, who is on tract to sainthood as well. Sainthood is a means of appeasing the guilt of those who were not as aware of God’s presence as the individual being promoted. We like to beat them down, sometimes kill them, and than make them a saint.

We talk about being a “professional”, and Henri Nouwen points out that “A professional is one who professes one’s deepest convictions, through which the essential spiritual unity between living and caring becomes centered.”

The fire of the Holy Spirit frees us from the boundaries that control our fears, our doubts. I gave a young man a hundred dollars to pay for a room this morning–the pearl of great price for me–but he was beaten down and sick–to me that is being a professional–to others no boundaries; to me it is being a professional–to others a co-dependent.  You decide?

Rather than judge let’s open our hearts to the Wildness of the Holy Spirit, let the Fire burn within us, and let our lives become saintly–in our own imperfections–without the blessing of an institution. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

+Fr. River Damien Sims, sfw, D.Min.



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