Seeking and Saving the Lost

Seeking and Saving the Lost

In the book of Luke Jesus tells us that he has come to seek and save the lost. Last night I stood on Sacramento Street, between Polk and Van Ness, with James. He was afraid, alone, and obviously was coming down off of a high. He talked to me about how he “murdered the devil”, and the devil gave him a limp, and he wanted to go to the hospital to have it “fixed.” He was lost in fear, and being alone.

I shared with him the story of Jacob at Peniel, and his limp, and as we talked James shared how he felt God was with him. I left him in peace as he simply sat.

All of us seek meaning and understanding in what we do.  Marc Chagal tells us that:

“Work isn’t to make money; you work to justify life.
We justify our lives through our work, we all seek meaning, and a legacy.
Meaning, purpose, and legacy, only come when our work, and our lives serve the welfare of others–when we serve the greater good. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!
+Father River Damien Sims, sfw, D.Min.
P.O. Box 642656
San Francisco, CA 94164

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