By his wounds, we PAY ATTENTION Pay attention to what happens in the next few days. Pay attention to what goes on around you and within you. Pay attention to the water on your feet and the roughness of the towel in your hand. Pay attention to the softness of the bread and the sting of the wine in your throat. Pay attention to the brusqueness of the kiss and the splinters of the cross. Pay attention to the coldness of the tomb and the terror that clutches your heart. Pay attention to the brightness of the dawning light and the life that bursts forth. – Br. James Koester Matthew 26:14-25–Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Rachel Carson ————————————————————————— Yesterday afternoon I was headed into Walgreens, and there was a black middle aged man in a wheel chair. He asked me to buy him an item in order for him to change his diapers. As I came out he was surrounded by a group of young men and women, who were well dressed, and they were making fun of him, calling him a baby among other things, and telling him he needed to leave Polk Street. As I stepped in between the man and the younger people– in their eyes what I saw was not hate, but fear- fear of aging, fear of illness, fear of homelessness. And those fears turned them into Judas. We need to pay attention to our fears for our fears make us Judas, they make us betrayers of Jesus. The Anima Christi reminds me each day that each of us has the capacity to be Christ or to be Judas. We must continually remind ourselves of the wounds of Jesus. Jesus’ wounds also serve as a resting place for us. “Within your wounds hide me” speaks of uniting our own wounds to those of Jesus. By placing ourselves within his wounded side, hands, and feet, our own wounds become known, transformed, and healed. When I prayed with the image of Jesus being scourged, part of me desired to take a blow so that Jesus would not have to take so many. But Jesus was insistent that he cover me with his own body and take the suffering upon himself. We might want to shelter Jesus, but it is Jesus who takes on human suffering, and so shelters us from suffering and the consequences of sin. Knowing that God comes to be with us in our suffering is also what allows us to go and to be with other people in theirs. We cannot always alleviate others’ pain by removing it from them, but we can faithfully remain present to them so that they are not alone. What Jesus does for us becomes mirrored in what we can then go out and do for others. What we receive in love, we can then go on to give. ——————————————————————- Anima Christi Soul of Christ, sanctify me. Body of Christ save me. Blood of Christ inebriate me. Water from the side of Christ, wash me. Passion of Christ, strengthen me. O Good Jesus, hear me. Permit me not to be separated from you. From the wicked foe, defend me. At the hour of my death, call me. and bid me come to you. That with your saints I may praise you. For ever and ever. Amen. Fr. River Damien Sims, sfw, D.S.T., D.Min. candidate P.O. Box 642656 San Francisco, CA 94164 415-305-2124

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