Royal Forgiveness


lUKE 21:1-4

Presentation of Mary

In December of 1997, Las Abejas, a group of 48 Indigenous communities whose name means “the bees” were murdered by paramilitary troops as they were fasting and praying for peace in their rough hewn wooden chapel in the village of Acteal, Mexico. They called themselves “Las Adbejas” because they saw themselves as a community of equal worker bees striving together for peace, all serving the queen bee, which is the reign of God.

Last night as we were serving a meal at a shelter “James” approached me. He is 30, he has an older brother. They come from a home of domestic violence, both abused at home, and both abused by clergy.  Both he and his brother came to San Francisco fifteen years ago together, his brother got his act together–moved to Oregon, great job, great family, James is on the street. He uses drugs. He has never been able to get it together, he has been in and out of treatment.He no longer seeks help in services, sleeps on the streets, and basically survives.

James is no different than any one else–than you nor I–he deserves the same love and care, and that love and care comes in us giving of all we have like the widow. We look to false prophets to fulfill the needs of people, but it is in the communities of “worker bees” where we will meet the needs of everyone. When we remove from our psyche the biases of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, poltical parties, and see each person as a person in need. 

Followers of Christ the King find themselves challenged to be “worker bees” with the homeless on the street, with people struggling to find jobs, housing, and simply to eat.  There is only one Kingdom, and that is the Kingdom of God, and the power of forgiveness reigns supreme, and it is in the reign of forgiveness that we find wholeness.

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Fr. River Damien Sims

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