Being Kicked In the Behind



Matthew 25:14-30

This is a  parable of wasted opportunities.  We are each gifted uniquely by  God, and we must use our giftedness as God wishes.  What matters is not what we are given, but what we do with our gift.

I walk by hundreds of people every day sleeping in their sleeping bags, or with out anything on the street. I come home and cry myself to sleep because I know so many of them, I care for them, and we hang out together, eat together, and joke together. But I have no room. But I do what I can, and I lay my head down at night knowing that.

People tell me all the time they have regrets over what they have not done.  There is no time for regrets for what stares us in the face are thousands of homeless, hurting  people, sleeping on our door steps, without food, mental health care, health care, clothing and places to call home. What can we do?  Well I have a dream–

I have a dream that if each individual would use ten per cent of his or her time (ten hours of a work week) of their talents for people on the street, we would see changes.

 I have a dream that If each doctor/ dentist/social worker/counselor would give ten percent of their work time how many would fine healing and comfort?

 I have a dream that if those who  advocate- write letters, emails and  give ten percent their time for writing about homeless matters and do that with our politicians, what changes could be brought to pass?

 I have a dream that if all religious leaders would move out side their doors ten percent of their work week to the street-what transformation would take place in the lives of so many?

I have a dream that if each of us would talk to a homeless person, give them food, clothing, blankets, socks, using  ten percent of our time how much more easier their lives would be?

That is my dream, that we would give ten percent of our work time to working with homeless and their problems, see them simply as human beings, and not as a problem, and love them as our own brothers and sisters. We all have talents–mine is simply to listen, I am not good at anything else.  We all have gifts, use them. And in this a transformation of love and community would take place in our own lives.

Let’s kick ourselves in our behinds–and give a tithe of ten per cent of our time to people without housing and the necessities of life. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Temenos Catholic Worker

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164


Fr. River Damien Sims sfw, D.S.T., D.Min. candidate

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