We are always being asked about our faith, and as we listen we perceive the questions are about their journey, and also about what makes us tick.  Most want a logical answer, and we can not explain our faith in a logical manner.

For our faith in Christ comes from our experience.  As a young boy we experienced this strange warmness of the heart, and from that moment our life was turned upside down–we knew we were called to ministry. We were driven to ministry.  No logical explanation. Our  father had a business that did well, it was ours , but we turned away from it.

The deaths of my parents, and my brother drove me into looking at faith, and it sustained me through depression and through finishing seminary and ordination.

Than came the years of being kicked out of the church, prostitution, and our faith held us together; and than our years of ministry in San Francisco, great years, awesome years, words can not express how wonderful they are–but years of living on the edge, not knowing where our next dollar is going to come from. getting malaria, the attempts on our life, the continuing threats on our life,  constant criticism, and it has been faith that sustains us, and gives us hope.

For in faith Jesus is real, very real to us, he brings joy in the midst of pain, fear, and doubt. Faith for us is never logical, never in our head, it is in our heart.  Our faith is about being on the River on Fire, with living a life full of the Spirit.  Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!River On Fire

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