John 15:12-17

I just came home from the hospital.  “Sean” who is 19 called me at 1 a.m., he had had a bad trip on LSD or it’s equivalent. We had just met yesterday on the Haight. He said: “I knew the moment we talked we were friends, and I could call you if I got into trouble.”

That is what friendship is about, “laying down our lives for our friends” being willing to go the extra mile. Friendship is about being able to relax, being silent, and simply being with someone without expectations. Friendship is about walking with people where they are. Friendship is not about knowing someone forever, it is about loving the person before us, equally, and with respect.

Monika Hellwig wrote: “The Ignatian approach to spirituality says that the traditional Christian doctrine of original sin is not a message of doom is but one of hope.  It declares that the world as we have it is not the best we can hope for, not the world that God intends, but a badly broken and distorted one which can be restored.”

That restoration comes as we treat each other regardless of color, creed, religious expression, and sexual orientation equally, and as we start sharing of our wealth equally. 

That restoration comes as we start sharing of ourselves to others. It is also a respect of the wishes of people, for example most of the young guys I hang out with are simply traveling, so we respect their choice, not push our own expectations on them. We do not expect them to get housing, to do anything, but be themselves.  They choose their way of life, as we choose ours.

Let us look at being friends to people, to meeting them where they are, to looking them in the eyes, and in sharing our love of Christ in our actions to truly be friends. St. Frances said:”Preach the Gospel, using as few as words as possible.” 

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Temenos Catholic Worker

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164


Fr. River Damien Sims, DST, D.Min. Candidate


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