A Woman of Courage


In the early 80’s as I began my ministry there were stories about the new First Lady of Arkansas in the Memphis Commercial Register.  They were stories of a woman who spoke her mind, who spoke for  minorities, and stories that were very critical. They grabbed my attention  and through the years I have read all the books written both positive and negative, read all the newspaper stories in the 80’s until now, and have followed Hillary Clinton through the years.

She is a woman who has grown in her view points on racism, sexual orientation, and human rights.  She is mixture like all of us. I disagree with her on her foreign policy and the death penalty,  but like all of  us she is mixture.  And  out of that mixture comes a good woman.  She has been a role model to me in  three areas through the years:

1. Feminist:  She has been on the forefront of women’s rights.  She has fought her way to the point of possibly being  nominated  to the presidency of the United States.  In that journey she has illustrated that women are as equal to men. 

There is an old southern story of a  young southern bell, who when talking to people would hear much criticism and her answer was always, “How nice.” in a sarcastic tone, which meant “f” you.  That is the way Hilary Clinton has live her life, full steam ahead.

For me coming out as a gay male she taught me that first of all one must be true to yourself, and that like the southern belle you hold your head high, walk with courage and say “how nice” when they hurl the insults and hate against you.  Following Hilary’s Clinton’s journey saved my life.

2. A Woman of Faith:  Hilary Clinton comes from the same denomination that I once belonged to, and was imbued with social justice. She has lived that out.  I have read her book on her faith journey, I have read hundreds of articles about her faith journey, both pro and con, and she is a woman of faith. Her faith has sustained her through out her life. 

3. A Woman of Courage: Finally she is a woman of courage.  No one who has lived her life can do so without courage. She faces the worst criticism, threats on her life, criticism of her family with courage. She never shows her fear.  She has been a role model for me in this as well. You live out what you believe.

This has been my experience with following Hillary Rodham Clinton since I was a young boy.  I have had my doubts, and yet through those doubts I come away with much admiration. Win or lose I will always hold her in respect and give thanks to God for her presence. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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