Possessed By Love

A monument to Monsignor Oscar Romero, in the main square of Ciudad Barrios, 160 km from San Salvador, the place where Monsignor Romero, who will be beatified next May 23 was born. AFP PHOTO / Marvin RECINOS

WHEN LOVE TAKES POSSESSION Matthew 26:14-25  Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero said: “If God accepts the sacrifice of my life then may my blood be the seed of liberty. .A bishop will die, but the church of God–the people will never die.”

Here was a man who was simply a bureaucrat, who played by the rules, and after he became bishop of San Salvador the Holy Spirit worked through him as he identified with the poor and the oppressed. His life was transformed in three short years  to become a defender of the disenfranchised, and he was martyred.   He had a revolution of the heart.  He saw the suffering of the people he served and his heart was changed. He opened his life to the suffering of others, and in that opening God brought revolution.

We have candidates promising a revolution, our current president’s campaign eight years ago did the same, and there is no revolution because one person can not bring a revolution, and real revolution comes when our hearts are transformed and we change society so that everyone is met equally in all ways. That is what Holy Week is about–a revolution of the heart.

We can bring revolution when we take the blinders off of our eyes, and see the beggar, the person who is homeless, without housing at our door; when we are willing to give of ourselves so that others might have life. The older I get the less possessions I desire, I desire simply a place to sleep, food to eat, health care, friends–that is what we all desire, and for everyone to have access to the basics in life  we need to  have our hearts changed, so that we can share equally with all.

Oscar Romero had a revolution of the heart–love took possession of him–transforming all around him. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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