“Moving People Like Furniture”

“Moving People Like they Are Furniture.”
There have been several articles on moving the homeless out of the area during the Super Bowl. One Supervisor suggested moving the tents and people off 13th Street, because it is unsightly.
Rather than stand back and look at people from a distance we need to see them as human beings–just like us–with the same feelings, ability to feel pain, and fears that we have. People living in the tents, on the streets are not objects to be moved around, because some of us have the power of money and office. They are fragile human beings who hurt and suffer.
They are people with no place to live–and in all likelihood no hope of finding a place, all across this country this is happening–and not one candidate mentions it. They suffer from trauma, mental illness, and PTSD from the street–and I personally know PTSD is not something one just fixes.
They have no money to buy food and eat. Imagine living in a City with thousands of restaurants, and not being able to eat. Imagine standing outside of restaurant on the Haight or on Polk and smelling the food, and not being able to eat; imagine needing to go to the bath room, and unless you spend two or three dollars can not enter a place. And there are no bath rooms on the street.
I live in a building where I can not cook, but I have a place where I can fix food, and money to go to restaurants. None of the SRO’s allow cooking–and people who have the opportunity to live in one have to pay for their food on 2-300 dollars a month.
We are all responsible. Every last one of us has a responsibility here. We can confront our leaders over and over again. I was told by one of our Congressperson’s that if they received seventy five letters and emails, they start looking at the problem. We need to start writing, and we need to start taking food, socks, and blankets out on the street each and everyone of us, and believe me our leaders will hear, and they will do something. We need to turn our eyes to people and look with eyes of compassion. It is time we stop putting our hope in the government–our leaders basically ignore the problem–and the reality is there is not enough money to solve the problems==we need to be a part of meeting those needs on a personal level.
Fast for a day–stand outside a restaurant–smell the food–and do not eat, fast and pray for those who live this way. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!
Temenos Catholic Worker
P.O. Box 642656
San Francisco, CA 94164

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