“Living On the Edge”

Living on the Edge

Venerable Frederic Baraga Mark 2:23-28

In his book The Time of the Assassins Henry Miller writes:

“And for the rebel above all men it is necessary to know love, to give it even more than to receive it, and to be it even more than to give it.”

Jesus of Nazareth, St. Francis, Dorothy Day, Damien of Molokai Mother Teresa were all rebels, who gave more than they received, and who were the essence of love. They lived on the edge, giving no thought to their own personal welfare, but to that of those they served.

These are the people who have been our heroes, the one’s who have been our examples all of our life. The greatest lesson we have learned from them is that we have to put our own welfare second to service of God, and to live on the edge trusting in God. It has been a lesson that has freed us to live, to enjoy life, and to serve. It is a painful, very painful lesson to learn.

In Deuteronomy 24:19 we are told that the forgotten edges of every field’s harvest are to be left for the hungry poor. Our Gospel today is a reminder that Jesus walked on the those edges, and fed the hungry poor through those edges.

As we grow older our prayer is that we will walk those edges until we enter into the reign of God, being the rebel, who trusts in God, so completely that nothing is frightening, knowing we are walking with Jesus on the forgotten edges. Deo Gratis! Thanks be to God!

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