P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164

Fr. River Damein Sims


Twenty-two years ago, we were invited to a conference in San Francisco.  The moment we entered the City at 5:00 p.m. on October 27, 1993, we knew we were in love—on my first date—with this wild and beautiful City.  When we told our friends we were moving west,  they all said, “The rent is too high, you won’t last a year,” and that year has become twenty-one and counting.

As we enter the New Year, we are still in love with San Francisco, in the dirt and the grime, and in all of her glory.

My friend Janet Jones wrote a beautiful poem of her love affair with The City, and, as we enter the New Year, we invite you to read and keep the hope and joy alive in your heart in the following year, wherever you live, for this poem proclaims that “in everything God works together for good”:


From tower view of Golden Gate,

To absent Muni running late;

From tree-full park with kids galore,

To dirty sand on windswept shore;

From boutique shops high up a hill,

To Salvation Army and Goodwil;

From balmy days of January,

To bone-chill cold in May so merry;

From cable cars with room to sit;

To lengthy lines amidst the. . .tourists;

From gracious drivers letting us linger,

To road-rage dolts with upraised finger;

From Chinese dragons on New Year’s Day,

To conga lines and doffed array;

From Legion of Honor and Rodin’s Thinker,

To that veiled-ed place like a Toy of Tinker;

From Dior gowns on Opera Night,

To homeless men moved out of sight;

From Aquatic Park and Crissy Field

To waiting in line for Traffic to yield;

From 2-hour drive to Sierra ridge,

To 2-hour drive just to reach the bridge;

From watching seals at Pier 39,

To pockets picked while waiting to dine;

From sundress weather in inner Mission,

To downy parka if you’re goin’ fishin’;

I love this place, though I still  join fusses

‘Bout techie swarms and monster busses;

A city gal I’ve always been,

Despite the crowd and cost and sin,

So once I saw this city’s views,

Turning back East was just bad news.

Janet Boeth Jones





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We asked your help in providing food, harm reduction supplies, pastoral care, and socks to nearly 1500 people each month. We live simply, we beg, and we trust in your God!

You may send a checks to:

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From the time we were twelve, we have begun each year with the following service. Instead of silly resolutions to lose weight, to make more money, to change our appearance, we invite you to use this service in whatever form you feel led, and rededicate your life to God in the following year, and in so doing to “love God with all your heart, mind, and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.” May you have a blessed New Year. Fr. River Damien Sims







Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations.

From everlasting to everlasting, You are God.




Dearly beloved, the Christian life, to which we are called, is a life in Jesus Christ,


from sin by

Him, and through

Him consecrated to God. Upon this life we have

entered, having been admitted into that new covenant of which our Lord Jesus Christ is mediator, and which He sealed with his own blood, that it might stand forever. On one side,

the covenant is God’s promise that He will fulfill in and through us all that He declared in Jesus Christ, who is the author and perfector of our faith. That His promise still stands we are sure, for we have known His goodness and proved His grace in our lives day by day.

On the other side, we stand pledged to live no more unto ourselves, but to him who loved us and gave himself for us and called us to serve him, that the purposes of his coming might be fulfilled.

From time to time we renew our vows of consecration, especially when we gather at the table of the Lord; but on this day we meet expressly as generations of our fathers and mothers have met, that we may joyfully and solemnly renew the covenant which bound them and binds us to God.


Let us then, remembering the mercies of God and the hope of his calling, examine ourselves by the light of his Spirit, that we may see where we have failed or fallen short in faith and practice and, considering all that this covenant means, may give ourselves anew to God.




O God our Father, the fountain of all goodness, who has been gracious to us through all

the years of our life; we give You thanks for your loving-kindness,

which has filled our days and brought us to this time and place.

We praise your holy name, O Lord.


You have given us life and reason, and set us in a world which is full of your glory.

You have comforted us with

kindred and friends, and ministered to us through the hands

and minds of our fellows.


We praise your holy name, O Lord.


You have set in our hearts a hunger for you, and given us your peace. You have redeemed us and called us to a high calling in Christ Jesus. You have given us a place in the fellowship of your Spirit and the witness of your Church.


We praise your holy name, O Lord. In darkness you have been our light, in adversity and temptation a rock of strength, in our

joys the very spirit of joy, in our labors the all-sufficient reward.


We praise your holy name, O Lord.

You have remembered us when we have forgotten you, followed us even when we fled

from you, met us with forgiveness when we turned back to you. For all your long-suffering and the abundance of your grace,


We praise your holy name, O Lord.




Let us now examine ourselves before God, humbly confessing our sins and watching our hearts, lest by self-deceit we shut ourselves out from his presence.


Let us pray.


(Here all kneel or bow.)

O God our Father, who has set the way of life for us in your beloved Son, we confess

with shame our slowness to

learn of him, and our reluctance to follow him. You have

spoken and called, and we have not obeyed. Your beauty has shone forth, and we have

been blind. You have stretched out your hands to us through our fellows, and we have passed by. We have taken great benefits with little thanks; we have been unworthy of your changeless love


Have mercy upon us and forgive us, O Lord.


Forgive us, we implore you, the poverty of our worship, the formality and selfishness of our prayers, our inconsistency and unbelief, our neglect of fellowship and the means of grace, our hesitating witness for Christ, our false pretenses, and our willful ignorance of your ways.

Have mercy upon us and forgive us, O Lord.

Forgive us when we have wasted our time or misused our gifts. Forgive us when we have excused our own wrongdoing or evaded our responsibilities. Forgive us that we have been unwilling to overcome evil with good, that we have drawn back from the cross.


Have mercy upon us and forgive us, O Lord.


Forgive us that so little of your love has reached others through us, and that we have borne so lightly wrongs and sufferings that were not our own. Forgive us when we have cherished the things that divide us from others, and when we have made it hard for them to live with us, and when we have been thoughtless in our judgments, hasty in

condemnation, grudging in forgiveness. Have mercy upon us and forgive us, O Lord. If we have made no ventures in fellowship, if we have kept in our heart a grievance

against another, if we have not sought reconciliation, if we have been eager for the punishment of wrongdoers and slow to seek their redemption, have mercy upon us and forgive us, O Lord.


Let each of us in silence make confession to God.


Now let us pray.




O righteous God, for the sake of your Son Jesus Christ, see me as I fall down before you. Forgive my unfaithfulness in not having done your will, for you have promised mercy to me if I turn to you with my whole heart.

God requires that you put away all your idols.  I, here from the bottom of my heart, renounce them all, covenanting with you that no

known sin shall be allowed in my life. Against your will, I have turned my love toward the world. In your power I will watch all temptations that will lead me away from you. For my own righteousness is riddled with sin, unable to stand before you.


God has given the Lord Jesus Christ as the only way and means of coming to God.


Jesus, I do here on bended knees accept Christ as the only new and living Way, and sincerely join myself in a covenant with him. O blessed Jesus, I come to you, hungry, sinful, miserable, blind, and naked, unworthy even to wash the feet of your servants.


I do here, with all my power, accept you as my Lord and Head. I renounce my own worthiness, and vow that you are the Lord, my righteousness. I renounce my own wisdom, and take you for my only guide. I renounce my own will, and take your will as my law.

Christ has told you that you must suffer with him.

I do here covenant with you, O Christ, to take my lot with you as it may fall.

Through your grace I promise that neither life nor death shall part me from you.

God has given holy laws as the rule of your life.

I do here willingly put my neck under your yoke, to carry your burden. All your laws are holy, just, and good. I therefore take them as the rule for my words, thoughts, and actions, promising that I will strive to order my whole life according to your direction, and not allow myself to neglect anything I know to be my duty.

The almighty God searches and knows your heart.

O God, you know that I make this covenant with you today without guile or reservation. If any falsehood should be in it, guide me and help me to set it aright.

And now, glory be to you, O God the Father, whom I from this day forward shall look upon as my God and Father. Glory be to you, O God the Son, who have loved me and washed me from my sins in your own blood, and now are my Savior and Redeemer. Glory be to you, O God the Holy Spirit, who by your almighty power

have turned my heart from sin to God. O mighty God, the Lord Omnipotent, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, you have now become my Covenant Friend. And I, through your infinite grace, have become your covenant servant. So be it. And let the covenant I have made on earth be ratified in heaven.


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