A Walk On Part

Last night as I drove down 13th street towards South Van Ness I counted at least fifty tents under neath the over pass; in the Haight there were countless tents and bed rolls in Golden Gate Park.  

Jay is 18 years old, he has been on the street since he was 15. He has no support, no way of learning the skills of negotiating getting a job or into school. I was raised from the day I was born to go to school, and to have a career, I am a lucky sperm, Jay has not been so lucky. The programs are limited. The Mayor touts his Navigation Center and the hope of having six more in the next year–when there are thousands of people who are homeless; none of the presidential candidates every mention homelessness;

Elizabeth had a walk on part, after John the Baptist’s birth she disappeared. The majority of us have walk on parts as well–no one will remember us when we are gone; but in this walk on part each of us can choose to simply give of what we have; to fight for reduced rent, to scream at our leaders to get involved and focus the budget to helping people on the streets.

I have been ill this past month, and all I have had  to do is email my doctor, go see her or to the emergency room and I am taken care of; these guys do not have that privilege. 

For any long term help or assistance to happen, all of us, with walk on parts, have to be involved, and I know that we will not be remembered in the scheme of things but in the Kingdom of God we are remembered.

People tell me that they can not stand to see the pain, can not face the enormity of the problem–and I tell them to embrace the pain, to feel the pain, and joy will come in the morning. For all of us have pain in our lives, but only when we turn our lives towards others do we truly find joy. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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