Something Bigger More Beautiful

Luke 21:5-11, “Something Bigger More Beautiful

It’s midnight. I have drunk a bottle of wine because it was in the refrigerator of the church, and I am cooking for Thanksgiving and hate to see anything go to waste. That comes from being on the street for three years prostituting to survive. Mr. Straight edge here sat by the bed and anointed a 3o year old as he he died tonight, and there is much pain.Christmas is the worst season of the year for me, because we are surrounded by gift giving, and I see people who have nothing, and will get nothing, and it hurts. That is why after December 1 I center on my parishners, I do not go in and out of the typical Christmas celebrations back to the street, it is difficult, I center in on the the guys I work with. 

The Scripture for today points out we need to look beyond our buildings and the beautiful and see the heart of people.  When you go to the store see the person asking for money, look into his face–and see the need there, see the pain.  That is the Gospel.

People tell me to be “happy”, well my take on that is not to see the pain, but what I am is content, very content, and satisfied in what I do, for in the pain there is joy. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

By questioning our inherited cultural conditioning to commodify, abuse, and eat animals, we are taking the greatest step we can to leave home, become responsible adults, and mature spiritually, and by actively helping others do the same, we return home with a liberating message of compassion and truth that can inspire and bless others.

By leaving home we can find our true home, contribute to social progress, and help the animals with whom we share this precious earth have a chance to be at home again as well. Dr. Will Tutt

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