The Gospel Adventure

THE GOSPEL ADVENTURE Christ the King Daniel 7:13-14; Revelation 1:5-08; John 18:33-37

The Feast of Christ the King serves as a “parable of reversal”.  Jesus will reign but not from political power, he rejects political power, he reigns through love. His reign is through us.

I spent several hours tonight with a man who is having suicidal feelings; another who is a Muslim and insults were hurled at him today by Christians; another who was coming down off drugs and had no idea where he was.  I saw fifty plus people sleeping in the alleys and on the street around Polk tonight. Christ the King comes to each one of these people with our presence–spending time, feeding them, listening.

Sr. Helen Prejean sent me an email today wishing me a “Happy Thanksgiving” and wishing me well on “your Gospel Adventure.”  That is the best summary someone can give of how I feel about ministry. It is a “Gospel Adventure”, and I love every minute of it. Yet in the midst of this there is pain, and like now I am sad, because of what is going on in our country and around the world; a close friend of mine may have a very serious illness; and the suffering I see on the street.I learned along time ago to feel the sadness, to endure it, because it leads to depression. Some of the kids joke with me about being a “straight edge punk” because I don’t use drugs, and I have never used drugs because I want to feel the pain and in feeling it you move through it to resurrection.

But  the sadness is also mixed with the joy in the hope of the resurrection.  The day I do not feel sad, I do not feel the pain of people is the day I will quit. For that is our call as those who follow Christ to take on the pain of the world, and through walking with people in that pain to bring the reign of God. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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