Peniel–Newsletter of Temennos Catholic Worker

“Where Jacob Wrestled With God”
November, 2015
P.O. Box 642656
San Francisco, CA 94164
Journal of An Alien Street Priest
Recently in Salt Lake City the Parliament of World Religions had a conference. It was an awesome gathering of almost 10,000 people from 80 different countries and 50 faith traditions. There were Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jews, Hindu, Baha’i, and many other spiritual traditions, all joining together in singing, praying, dancing, eating, and learning from one another. All understanding and respecting our different paths while celebrating our oneness, our wholeness of being. One of the exhibitors was a new organization called, whose mission is to “unite the tribes.” They were handing out buttons that say “Until That Day.” A friend gave me one. People stop me everywhere, at the store, coming out of restaurants, on the street, everywhere I go, and ask, “Until what day?” I smile, thank them for asking, and say: “Until the day that we are connected with all creation and are truly part of the Body of Christ. Until the day that we create heaven on Earth.”
The Feast of All Saints is an awesome feast–the feast of those who already live in God, those whom we have loved and who have obtained happiness and light; it is the feast of eternity.
On October 31, we celebrate Halloween, “All Hallows Eve,” and it allows us to put on masks and costumes. On “All Saints’ Day” we take them off. It reminds us that there are “other masks” we choose to wear before the world on a more permanent basis. Jesus invites us to put on humility, to empty ourselves of our attitudes of selfishness and self-centeredness, and to enter into a life of caring for others. Stripping off our fears, and trusting in the gift that God’s Kingdom is irrevocable. God wants all of his children here. And this Kingdom is now!
The Kingdom of God is not something in the future–it is present in our lives. That presence calls us to move out into thanksgiving for hope in our God, and in moving out in hope to share of what we have, so that others may not want. Our media is full of articles on the homeless crisis in San Francisco and across the country. We can “create heaven on earth” by feeding people at our doorstep, in the corners of our cities, and in rural areas; we can “create heaven on earth” by lobbying our government officials at all levels to refocus our budgets to housing, health care, and providing food; it means calling our government to put the brakes on the markets that are raising housing and rental prices, which makes a place out of reach for the majority of people. If we are to “create heaven on earth,” we are called to look at our own greed, to turn our own lives and our use of money around to focus on the needs of others, placing our trust in God to provide. We must put our neighbor first.
Let us be thankful this month for the message of “All Saints,” which is our promise of life in God and our call to “create heaven on earth.” This Thanksgiving let us go out and “create heaven on earth.” This is the Feast of Eternity! Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

We ask your help in providing food, harm reduction supplies, pastoral care, and socks to nearly 1500 people each month. We live simply, we beg, and we trust in your God!
You may send a checks to:
Temenos Catholic Worker
P.O. Box 642656
San Francisco, CA 9416

Or make donations through PayPal on


Witnessing Against the Death Penalty


Join Us on Wednesdays at Noon

Earl Warren Court House
McAllister and Polk (350 McAllister)



Prayer Vigil

Join Us on Thursdays at Noon

For a Prayer Vigil

On the Polk Side of
City Hall

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Thanksgiving we will serve three meals:

5:00 p.m. Interfaith Shelter at St. Boniface Church

7:00 p.m. Hemlock Alley between Post and Sutter

9:00 p.m. Haight Street

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