Kindling the Fire

“Kindling the Fire”

I had a group visiting a few years ago,  and one of the leaders, commented, that “the light in your eyes scares me–because it is a light that is on fire, a fire that will burn your life a way.” The past few days I have realized the meaning of that, I am burning my life away. That is the calling that to which I have been called. I took someone to the hospital last night at 3, and than was up at 6 and am still working.  I give my money for these guys, without question.  I work with few volunteers–simply because they have no fire. For Jesus is full of fire, and that fire he seeks to kindle, and have it burn.

One of the guys refers to the kids in the Haight as the “the Lost Boys” because they are lost from society , and he commented, that “you are the lost priest”, and I am, and I know that, and that is why I can open my heart without fear to these guys. I wore a nice suit tonight, I will be wearing a tux next month for an event. But that is the fake me, it is the mean who dresses to raise money, to try to fool people that I am a great guy, who deserves their support, but down deep I know I do not belong in their world–I belong with the lost boys.

I screw up a lot, and but I get up and dust the dirt off my pants and keep going.   And  want to kindle the fire in my lift to I am burned away for Christ. This quote describes what I mean;

Life is not meant to be taken; life is given and it’s meant to be given away. Water not drawn from a well will become bracken, and eventually its water source will dry up.

-Br. Curtis Almquist

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