Transformed by the Streets

August 31, Luke 4:26-30 “Transformed By The Streets” St. Aidan

The question I raise about why people chose not to believe Jesus is because if they believed him what might they be forced to change and than to do in their lives?  Many years ago I was forced to change my lifestyle and the result is the way I live my life now.

As I read for the third day in a row articles on homelessness ,  I thought of my time on the street, three and a half years in L.A. The difference is I lived in the Motel 6 and employed myself by being a prostitute , but I still lived on the street and did participated in the street economy and I remember a saying I keep on my desk by TaNehsi Coates:

“The streets transform every ordinary day into a series of trick questions and every incorrect answer risks a beat down, shooting, or a pregnancy. None survive unscathed.”

I have not survived “unscathed.” One of the reasons I stay so close to the streets and to the people I serve is I feel safe, for I  know what I am dealing with.  I can move in and out of the various worlds of culture in the Bay Area, but I do not feel  totally comfortable. I feel comfortable on the streets.

So imagine if you were mentally ill, drug addicted, never been able to find a job, or whatever the reason and you have lived on the streets for years,  how you would feel, and think and react.  Imagine if you had nothing, but the clothes on your back,  and you are threatened to be pushed around and even moved out of the area you feel most comfortable in,  how you would feel?

I now choose to live simply, to stay close to the streets, Christ used my experience to call me to this ministry, and for that I am extremely grateful to him, but the reality is I would never have been comfortable in the “other life”, and I understand the fear, the distrust, that people who are homeless feel towards those in authority–to this day I trust no one in authority–that is why I do ministry the way I do. So what I am asking is put yourself in their shoes?  Seek to understand. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


Honoring our natural place in the web of life by eating the foods intended for us will plant seeds of abundance, love, and freedom, whatever our religion may be. Our prayers for peace will bear fruit when we are living the prayer for peace and, most importantly, when we offer peace to those who are at our mercy and who also long for peace and the freedom to live their lives and fulfill their purposes. Dr. Will Tuttle

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