Let the Sand Run Behind You

August 28, “Let Your Sand Run Behind You” I Thess. 4:1-8; Matt. 25:1-13  St. Moses the Black

Today as I read C.W. Nevius’ article in the Chronicle, “Lee’s Homeless Plan is A Breath of Fresh Air”, I was dismayed at the uncaring attitude that is permeating the City’s government and other segments of life.  Let’s cleanse the City, let’s make it nice. This is a form of “ethnic cleansing.” Let’s forget it is our fault for not paying for the the services needed for people to have adequate mental health care, drug treatment and housing.

I thought of St. Moses the Black when he was called in to make a recommendation of for punishment of a fellow month when he said: “My sins run out behind mjudge the errors of another.e and I do not see them, but today I am coming to ” In other words he is aware of his own faults when he places judgement on another therefore he will judge with compassion. It is because we see our own sins, sins of failure to provide for the needs of others.  that this attitude is developing . I heard the words of Dietrict Bonhoffer who wrote: “the church has an unconditional obligation to victims of any ordering of society.” We have an obligation to people who are victims of poverty, drug use, and mental illness. We should turn our frustration to the national, state and local government to have them fund the services.  And face the reality that we live in a City where it is really expensive to live, and look at our fault in that as well..  What I have read the past few days is our inhumanity to our fellow human beings.

People on the street are terrified. One man who has lived here all of his life, and on the street for ten years because of mental illness talked of suicide today for fear he is being driven out with no where to go.  The reality is the power of words wield life and death; the power of threat wield life and death.  We are not talking about “things” but fragile human beings.

Each of us should write the Mayor, our Supervisor, our Senator, our Congress person, our State leaders and protest this attitude.  And write the Chronicle, hound them with letters,  emails and phone calls. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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