A Safety Net

Blessed Zdenka Cecilia Schelingova “A Safety Net” Matt. 13:47-53

Yesterday I received an email from a person I did not know. This person lambasted me in light of the recent murder in Santa Cruz for my not supporting the death penalty and seeing “those fucking street kids as saints.” And I was told I would get “what you deserve.”  I spent the after noon laying on the floor depressed, severely depressed. Depression always leads me to think, to pray, and to work through what is troubling me. 

For me our Scripture today calls us to leave it to God to do the sorting in the reign of God  I believe that each crime should be met with justice, but each life must be met with mercy–and mercy is not putting that person to death,   Putting a person to death is not a political issue–it is a violation of life.  We as humans are called to respect all of life.

The theologian Karl Rahner writes that, “a strange thing happens to the man who really loves, for even before his own death his life becomes life with the dead.”  The life of love becomes a life of grief. We can risk the death that comes from loving others Comedy makes sense only against the back drop of tragedy.  Because we expect disaster, we are thrilled when it does not come. To follow Christ means that love makes sense only against the back drop of the Gospel.  Because we know that death is finally conquered, we can take the risk of loving people who surely will die.   We can take the chance of loving people for whom the world offers no hope, for God is a God of hope. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

To free the animals we are abusing, we must free ourselves from the delusion of essential separateness, doing both the outer work of educating, sharing, and helping others, and the inner work of uncovering our true nature. Will Tuttle

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