Blessed Rudolf Aquaviva, SJ  “Living Only By Hope” Matthew 13:36-43

Rudolf Aquaviva lived four years in India as a missionary, to be martyred by a mob.  He wrote movingly of patient hope in the face of apparent failure of not converting any one to Christ: “We live only by hope, though that is very uncertain whether it may not turn out rather evil than good. Ours is a very uncertain outlook in regard to conversion. .So we do not lose heart. Even though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed day by day. For this slight momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond measure.”

Sunday night as we fed people at the Navigation Center I looked around and I had touched the lives of the seventy five people that were present over the past twenty years–they all knew me by name, and I them. Many were young hustlers when I came to San Francisco,  some twenty years ago full of dreams and now broken, some in wheel chairs, all homeless, using drugs, waiting in hope for the bread crumbs of housing from the City.

People are always asking me about my success rates–well until everyone or at least the majority of people share equally from their pay checks that is not going to happen—and that is an idealized dream we hold.  As long as we live in our little “tribes” of race, creed, economic circumstances–change will not happen. That is reality.  That is the reality I have worked in for the past twenty years.

But for me as I look back I have always lived in the hope and still live in the hope of God, and God in Christ holds the guys like Byran, Ted, Gwen, in his hands.  William Berry S.J. says “Prayer is a matter of relationship. Intimacy is the basic issue, not answers to problems or resolutions “to be better”, Many of life’s problems and challenges have no answers; we can only live with and through them.  Problems and challenges, however can be faced and lived through with more peace and resilience if people know that they are not alone.  A man’s wife will not return from the dead, but the pain is more bearable when he has poured out his sorrow, his anger, and his despair to God and has experienced God’s intimate presence.”

Ultimately all we have is God–and in Christ I invite you to rest your worries, and to trust that all too shall be well!  Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

When we are drawn toward a plant-based way of eating, it is in no way a limitation on us; rather it is the harmonious fulfillment of our own inner seeing. At first we think it’s an option we can choose, but with time we realize that it’s not a choice at all but the free expression of the truth that we are.

It is not an ethic that we have to police from outside, but our own radiant love spontaneously expressing, both for ourselves and for our world. Caring is born on this earth and lives through us, as us, and it’s not anything for which we can personally take credit. It is nothing to be proud of. Dr. Will Tuttle

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