July 26  “Numbers” John 6:1-15

In a scripture from I Chronicles  David had a count made of the number of people in his Kingdom–God became angry because he substituted “statistics for trust;” there is a group of people who through the years have said I would not survive more than 1 year doing the work–I am in my 21st. year; Dorothy gave a diamond to a homeless woman because she felt like the one woman needed it more than the catholic worker and people complained how many people she could have helped and she replied, “this lady needs it more than many;”  people always ask me about “numbers” and “success rates” and I do not answer because numbers are deceiving. As long as one person suffers–there is not enough to claim success. An article recently claimed we have less violence than at any other time in history and how we should be proud of that fact –this person lives in Norway–where there is less violence, but regardless as long as one person is hurt numbers do not matter. We leave people behind when we look at our success rates. In our Gospel Jesus told his disciples not to worry about numbers–simply go do feed the people, God will provide.  People are always asking me who helps me cook for so many people–and the answer is no one–I simply do what has to be done with out worrying about numbers, I am often asked how do I know I am going to have enough money to survive–again I do not worry about it–I simply do what has to be done.  Numbers will hold us back. God asks us to put our trust in him and let him do the rest. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

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